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[ # ] Ghosts gets a new assistant with a ghost of his own
January 5th, 2023 under Ghosts

Last year, when CBS was not sure how Ghosts would do in the ratings, they only let half of the Ghosts appear in each episode. When it turned out to be a hit, not only did we get the entire cast in each episode, they started adding new ghosts onto the show. There is Nigel’s boyfriend, Thor’s son (who is back tonight), Farnsby’s mom, and tonight at 8:30p, we meet a car ghost.

Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay’s (Utkarsh Ambudkar) Bed and Breakfast is doing so well that they decided to hire an assistant. Freddie (Mike Lane) immediately wins them over, so they give him the job.

While he is inside talking to his new bosses, Pete (Richie Moriarty), Flower (Sheila Carrasco), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Sass (Rom├ín Zaragoza), Thor (Devan Chandler Long), Trevor (Asher Grodman), and Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) meet Freddie’s car ghost.

Jessica (Nichole Sakura) is her name, and she gets to travel with him wherever he goes. The Ghosts are so interested in her until she reveals something shocking about Freddie.

Now, Sam and Jay have to make a decision about Freddie. What will they do?

You are going to want to tune in to this season’s most delightful episode. Sakura, who we fell in love with on Superstore, is an excellent addition to the show.

I know I say this all the time. But, if you are not watching Ghosts, then you are missing out on the most heartwarming show on television.


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