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[ # ] Ghost Brothers: Lights Out is unlike the other paranormal shows
April 17th, 2021 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

Ghost Brothers are back, and they are on Discovery+ with Lights Out. The three friends are unlike any other paranormal investigators. They go to the same places as the other ones, but their take is so much different. That is why I enjoy watching them.

The episodes start off with Dalen Spratt sending Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey into the place they are going to investigate to see what they can find out. Dalen knows the history of the area, but they don’t. Therefore, they don’t know what they are walking into, and he enjoys that. Maybe a little too much.

Then when he feels it is time, he brings them out, and they talk about the area they are looking into. Most of the time, they get some clues revealing what they are about to find out, and they are going to wish they didn’t know what their immediate future holds for them.

Today, the streaming service releases three episodes and one a week after that.

In the first episode, they go to a house that has a past. A young girl died, and some say she was possessed. It turns out her dad was involved in a secret society that might have caused her possession. What will the Ghost Brothers and their spirit box find out. What is a spirit box? That you have to see to see how accurate it is.

Things are about to get insane. That is because they go to a mental asylum that has housed tens of thousands of people. One victim was a little girl with epilepsy who drowned during therapy. She is not the only one who died accidentally, and they are still haunting the place. Will the Ghost Brothers be able to get them to move on?

In today’s final episode, they go to jail. Two men killed a cab driver together, and in turn, they were executed together. They still haunt the place. They are not the only ones. There is another spirit who is just as scary.

If you are tired of the same old paranormal shows, then Ghost Brothers are for you. They are the hippest investigators in the field. They say what we would say if we were in their shoes.


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