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September 7th, 2014 under Destination America, DIscovery/TLC

Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals to see if any of the past patients and employees are still there haunting the place. Tonight at 10p on Destination America’s Ghost Asylum, you will see their first televised case and you would be insane to miss it.
Tonight they go to Old War Memorial Hospital in Scottsville, Kentucky, a place that housed the clinically insane and dead bodies before they were finally shut down. The mix of those entities and a doctor who fought his firing all the way to the top courts is enough to give any the heebie jeebies; but not the men of TWC.
They go in during the day to survey the place before the investigation. Then they go back at night to see if there is any activity going on. When they are done for the night, they study what they found so that they can prepare for their second night there. This time they go back more prepared to make contact with the spirits. Not only to find out what is going on there, but also to help them to move on.
What I like about this show, is they don’t go over the top to contact the dead. They use their methods and don’t fake it. I hate when paranormal shows fake their outcomes because it is so obvious. I also hate when investigators antagonize the spirits. TWC does not do that, they try to lure them out but they are not mean and stupid about it. I respect their methods because they don’t overdo it like so many other shows like theirs do.
You might say that TWC is crazy to investigate these places, but I say what better place to do it if you are crazy like them!


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