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March 21st, 2010 under Keira Knightley, Kirstie Alley

Tonight on A&E at 10p Kirstie Alley has decided she wants to lose weight and she is going to do in front of the camera in Big Life. The Fat Actress star takes us inside her life and introduces us to her kids True and Lillie, her assistant Kelly and her friend Kyle that she brought on to work for and all of her many animals. Kirstie is not going to lose weight on her own, she is making her handy man of sorts Jim to do it with her.
At the end of the first episode Kirstie weighs herself and she makes her assistants give her weight in stones so it won’t seem as bad. They tell her she weighs 16.5 stone and she has a fit because 16.5 stone is equal to 230 pounds. But then she tells them to tell her how much she wants to weigh and for them to figure how much she wants to lose in stone and that eases her for a while. You will have to watch to see what her goal weight is. At the beginning of the second episode that airs tonight at 10:30p we find out how much Jim weighs. Let’s just say he wants to lose 130 pounds which is less than Kirstie. The two start the diet in the second episode and hire a personal trainer. By the end of tonight one of them will already break the diet, do you think you know which one it will be?
Besides her attempt to lose weight we get to see the real Kirstie Alley. If you were a fan of Fat Actress, you are going to love this show because she really is like her character on that show but even more. So tune in to A&E tonight at 10 and 10:30p for a celebrity reality show that is worth watching!!!


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