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[ # ] George W Bush sneaks Michelle Obama some of the good stuff!
September 2nd, 2018 under Barack Obama, Politics

George W. Bush and Michelle Obama attended the memorial service for John McCain yesterday and it went on a for a long time. Laura Bush was smart and brought along some candy with her to moisten her mouth; but the woman who replaced her did not. I guess when Mrs. Obama saw the sweetness, she asked for a piece. Mrs. Bush went into her purse, took out a piece, handed it to her husband who slyly gave it to her.

Had the cameras not caught their act, nobody would have been none the wiser. I wish I had the former president in my class when I was passing notes because he is good at being sneaky. I would have gotten in a lot less trouble when I passed notes.

When it comes to Barack Obama, am I the only who is thinking that he is thinking where is my candy?

And let’s talk about the candy. Who would have thought that a piece of candy would bring peace between the Democrats and the Republicans?



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