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Tommy Lee for President
August 9th, 2019 under Mötley Crüe, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

When you think of the most bitching and coolest rockers of the ’80s, you think of Tommy Lee. You think of a guy wearing leather pants, when he was actually wearing clothes, marrying some of the most desired blondes, who doesn’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks so he destroyed hotel rooms, says whatever he wants and made sex tapes that showed off his huge mic.

Now that Mötley Crüe has retired from the road, he has some time hands. Therefore, he has taken to writing. The drummer, who literally marches to his beat, wrote a message to Trump supporters and Republican politicians that will make every Democrat want to high five him every time they see him. Forget all those Dems, who are running for President, this is the man who should be President. Imagine what the world would be like with him in charge. It would be so cool, it would help to lower the Earth’s climate system, therefore reversing Global Warming.

Think I am exaggerating, then read what he wrote below.

“You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again because we are going to pay you back so fucking hard for all of this shit. Planned Parenthoods on every damn corner. We’re going to repaint Air Force One, pussy hat pink and fly it over your beloved Bible Belt 6 days a week, tossing birth control pills, condoms & atheist literature from the cockpit. We’re going to tax your mega churches so bad Joel Olsteen will need to get a job at Chik Fil A to pay his light bill. Speaking of Chik Fil A, we’re buying all those and giving them to any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy. Have fun with the new menu you bigoted fucks. Try the McPence. It’s a boiled unseasoned chicken breast that you have to eat in the closet with your mother. We’re going to gather up ALL of your guns, melt them down and turn them into a gargantuan metal mountain emblazoned with the face of Hillary Clinton. ALL parks will be renamed Rosa Parks asap. We’re replacing Confederate statues with BLM Leaders & Mexican immigrants. Every single public school will be renamed after a child that was kidnapped by this regime. And after we fumigate the WH, we’re repainting the whole thing rainbow. Fox News will be taken over and turned into a family refugee shelter. We’re turning Hannity’s office into a giant unisex bathroom with changing tables & free tampons. And every single time a Trumpster complains about any of the changes, we’re adding an openly gay character to a Disney movie.”

What are you looking for most out everything he said in that speech? I am looking forward to the rainbow-colored White House and getting my birth control at Planned Parenthood/Starbucks on every corner.


There are spiders living in Ted Cruz’s beard?
July 19th, 2019 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Somehow I missed the biggest story of the week. Ted Cruz was on Fox News this week when suddenly a spider appeared on his lips and he inhaled it live on air. I guess it was bigger than the other bugs he is used to eating because he started to choke. Kind of like when he ran for President.

I don’t know where the bug came from, so I am just assuming he crawled out of his beard. Who knows what is in that thing? Doesn’t the facial hair make him look even creepier than he did before? And he was plenty creepy looking.

Now let’s get back to the spider, I hope it was not radioactive. We don’t need him to become a superhero. How frightening would that be?


BTWF: Bernie Sanders on Bernie Speaks with the Community
May 9th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Comedy Central, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Before Bernie Sanders was running for President of the United States, he was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont hosting a public access show called Bernie Speaks with the Community. As Trevor Noah said, he looks the same now as he did when he was 46 in those 1987 episodes.

Now, let’s talk about how Trevor Noah reviewed these episodes on The Daily Show yesterday. I have not laughed that hard in a really long time. However, I do not know if I was laughing with Noah, at Bernie or with both. All I know is it what I needed!!!


BTWF: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a Boston University video
January 3rd, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was part of the House of Representatives, she was part of Boston University’s Brat Pack. How gorgeous was the 20-year-old doing her best Ally Sheedy in the 2010 video?

To all the conservatives out there who are flipping their lids over this video, I am sorry you never saw The Breakfast Club or were carefree in college like her. At least she did not reportedly do cocaine in college like George W. Bush or allegedly walk in on teenage beauty contestants as they were changing like Donald Trump. She just cut the rug something your president needs to do the rug on the top of his head.

You mess with one Bronx girl, you mess with us all. There is a reason us Bronx people have a reputation, we earned it.

Seriously though, I implore all of you people who are anti this video, to watch The Breakfast Club on Netflix this weekend. Maybe if we spent more time watching John Hughes’ films instead of the news, we would be a much happier nation.


Your family Thanksgiving meal won’t be as tense as the Gosars
September 22nd, 2018 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Six of Paul Gosar’s siblings shot a political ad for a congressional candidate, they just did not do for it their brother. In fact, they did it for his opponent David Brill.

If that is not a reason to vote against Gosar, then I do not what could be. Imagine having seven of your nine siblings publically bash you, six of them film an ad for your opponent and two more who remain silent. If that is not a ringing endorsement of how bad of a candidate you are, then tell me what is.

A family is always supposed to support the family, not do this. To me, this says it all about Gosar. Vote David Brill.

And can someone do a reality show about this family having dinner with his family? Imagine how hot that would be? It will make The Oath look a drama.


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