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Borat defends Rudy Giuliani, but Sacha Baron Cohen does not
October 23rd, 2020 under Amazon Prime, Politics, Sacha Baron Cohen, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

The other day, it was reported that there is a scene in Borat Subsequent Movie Film in which Rudy Giuliani is seen putting his hand in his pants while alone in the bedroom with a 15-year-old female reporter. He denies that it was anything more than him tucking in his shirt, but the video says otherwise.

Yesterday, Borat made a video defending the former NYC mayor. He says, “What was an innocent sexy time encounter with a consenting man and my 15-year-old daughter, have been turned into something disgusting by fake news media.”

Today, Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova (the actress who plays his daughter) were on one of the fake news media programs, and they talked about the scene. Cohen told Good Morning America, “If the president’s lawyer found what he did there appropriate behavior, then heaven knows what he’s doing with other female journalists in hotel rooms.” Well, Giuliani did have an affair with and married a reporter, so we don’t want to know the answer to the question.

Anyway, Cohen then went on to say to watch the movie and judge for yourself. However, he feels that it was pretty obvious what was happening there.

When it was time for Bakalova to answer the question, she grabbed Cohen’s arm and said, “I want to thank you.” Then she added, “I was not sure you were going to save me from everything.”

Cohen said he was watching from a hideaway location, and he was concerned for his actress. “It is my responsibility as a producer, as well, to ensure that the lead actor is looked after.”

However, she does clarify that she always felt safe because the crew always had her back.

Was that encounter that bad? Want to see it and judge for yourself, then click here!


Proof flies are attracted to 💩
October 7th, 2020 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

There was no real buzz during tonight’s Vice President debate. That was until the fly on the wall, aka plexiglass, got a whiff of some 🐂💩, and decided to get a closer look. Therefore, it did what flies do and flew on the pile of 💩 it smelled, aka Mike Pence’s head. After that, it all sounded like a teacher in the Peanuts’ cartoons. That’s because we were all like, “look at the fly, look at the fly.”

I don’t know why people are saying Kamala Harris won the debate. She didn’t. The fly did. Especially because the black insect stood out even more in Pence’s white hair, causing us to be more distracted.

I hope the fly didn’t get COVID-19 like everyone else who has come in contact with someone from the White House.


Joe Biden’s campaign goes to the dogs
October 6th, 2020 under Animals, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

The White House has been missing a lot of things since January 22, 2017. Things like sanity, heart, class, and animals.

Well, dogs all over the United States of America want to be back in the People’s House. Therefore, they got together and made a barktastic commercial supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Canines can smell a kind-hearted person, and they can smell it on the former-Vice President.

Biden has two German Shepards. Champ, who was adopted in 2008, when he was still in office, and Major, who rescued ten years later. They say those who own animals are kinder, more caring souls. Let’s put someone with a soul back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It would be nice if the sign on the gate read beware of dog, instead of beware of president.

While that’s how I feel about this arfdorable ad, my cat feels differently. She meowed, “Not to be catty, but where is our ad?” If someone at the Biden campaign sees this, she would like to be a supporter in your next advertisement with kitties. Cats are animals too!

Seriously, be a good boy and good girl, and vote on November 3rd. I don’t want to send the hounds after you. Although, the hounds I would send would be loving pups. The ones Donald Trump would be the hell hounds that have been circling him since the day he was born.


Michelle Obama’s sexy legs
July 28th, 2020 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Michelle Obama/Instagram

Michelle Obama is debuting a podcast tomorrow on Spotify, but I think she should do a vodcast to show off her sexy legs. Look at those gams on the 56-year-old lady. They put the lady in First Lady. I don’t know what that means either.

Seriously, I miss having a First Lady who was naturally va-va-voom. Unlike the one we have now that is made out of plastic. The current one couldn’t pose like that because she only knows how to be fake. Plus, it is hard to sit like that when you have a broomstick up your butt. That is what happens when you stop short.

It is not about her. It is about Michelle Obama, who is showing us how to be best as she chats with her husband, Barack Obama. It is going to be nice to hear them playfully talk to each other. I wonder what they will reveal in their not so secret chat. I guess we will have to tune in tomorrow to find out. I can’t wait!


This presser took a lot of balls to give
May 18th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran was giving an update on coronavirus regulations to her residents, and she was left was blushing as the press was laughing with her. Something the hard-hit county desperately needed.

The official was giving instructions in a press conference on how the residents will be able to resume playing tennis again. She explained that everyone must bring their tennis balls from home when they take a court. However, she forgot to say “tennis” before some of the guidelines, and that is when it got good. She instructed them that, “You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them.” Those are the exact same rules my dad told me when I started dating!


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