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The Cuomo brothers are at it again!
March 24th, 2020 under Politics, TV News. [ Comments: none ]
Last week, Chris Cuomo called out his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo for not calling their mother on the telephone. Even though he spoke to her just before that interview.

The Governor of NY has even spoken to her since. Yesterday, when Chris thanked his big brother for being on CNN’s New Day again, Andrew said, “Mom told me I had to.” The little bro responded with an eye roll that even Anderson Cooper would bow down to.

I love that even though Andrew is 62 and Chis is 49, they still bicker like when they were 5 and 18. Well, you know what I mean. That is why their sisters are mom’s favorites.

If Andrew is ever out of office, then CNN has to give them a show together where they fight all the time. It would be ratings gold.


Pete Buttigieg goes from Presidential nominee to late night host
March 9th, 2020 under Jimmy Kimmel, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Hey Pete Buttigieg, now that the Democratic party forced you to drop out of the presidential race, what are you going to do with your free time?

Mayor Pete told Today today that he will be hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night at 11:35p on ABC. He is even going to do the monologue, but he says, “Hopefully, some funnier minds than mine will be doing some writing for that.”

Who will be his guests for the night? He will be talking to Sir Patrick Stewart and Animal Trainer Dave Salmoni. It is going to be interesting to see how the war vet handles some cute little animals. Then again, he survived all of the Democratic debates, so he should be used to dealing with snakes.

Where is Kimmel going to be? He will be taping special episodes of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for the 20th anniversary.

Kimmel better hope that Mayor Pete doesn’t do too good or those special episodes might become a permanent thing. I think we can all admit, Butt-edge-edge is just so gosh darn cute, and I think he will knock out of the park unless Joe Biden forces him out of another job. I am not bitter or anything.


BTWF: Joe Biden on The Advocate
March 3rd, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Before Joe Biden was the third oldest person running for President, he was the youngest Senator in office talking about campaign finance reform on The Advocate. Didn’t he look like Craig T. Nelson when he was 31 doing this news show back in 1974?


Proof Bernie Sanders and Larry David are not the same person
January 10th, 2020 under Larry David, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Some booker at Today did something very smart. They decided to book both Larry David and Bernie Sanders on the same episode this morning. This way we got to see the two of them in one place at the same time. Proving that even though they look alike and at times they even talk alike, they are not like Patty Duke on jer self-titled sitcom; they are actually two different people.

Now I think I can tell who is running for president and who plays him on Saturday Night Live. At I think I can. Can you?


Cory Booker tells cheesy Christmas jokes
December 25th, 2019 under Politics. [ Comments: none ]

While every Presidential candidate is trying to win your vote by telling you what you want to hear, there is one candidate who is doing the opPposite.

N.J. Senator Cory Booker is telling us something we do not want to hear, dad jokes that are perfect for the holiday season. As bad as they are, you know you are going to give at least one of them a spin during your celebration.

If someone laughs, then you have to book a vote for Booker!


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