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[ # ] George Lopez dates Lisa Rinna on Lopez vs Lopez
April 23rd, 2024 under George Lopez, Lisa Rinna

Lopez vs Lopez is back on NBC tonight with two new episodes, and they are both funny. Along with the laughs, we see a fractured family grow and slowly become a united one.

In the first episode, George (Geroge Lopez) realizes he still has feelings for his ex-wife, Rosie (Selenis Leyva). However, she has moved on with the sexy JosuĂ© (Janie Camil). And George is depressed that he can’t get her back.

So much so that he is still not over it in the second episode at 8:30p.

When his daughter, Mayan (Mayan Lopez), tries to get him to do his job as a mover, he doesn’t want to do it. Not only that, the lady of the house (Lisa Rinna) is flirting with him, and he doesn’t even care.

That is until he realizes he can make Rosie jealous at their family dinner with Lisa. And he is not the only man competing for Rosie’s affection. So are JosuĂ© and her grandson, Chance (Brice Gonzalez).

What could go wrong with three men all vying for the same woman? A lot! And that is what makes it so hilarious. Plus, Gonzalez is the cutest child actor on television! So tune in for a sitcom that is heavy on the comedy.


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