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[ # ] George Clooney is a sh!tty roommate obsessed with Brad Pitt
May 5th, 2021 under George Clooney

Many people want to live with George Clooney because of his looks. However, that is all he has going for him,, according to his roommate, Byron.

When the pandemic happened, the worst Batman went over to Byron’s house to pick up something that he saw on Craigslist. While he was there, the stay-at-home order was put into place. Therefore, the actor moved into Byron’s and wouldn’t leave.

You would think that would be a dream, but it was a nightmare worse than Grizzly II Revenge. Actually, that film is probably better than his recent releases.

Why was it so awful to live with? He stayed in the only bathroom for hours on end, he was obsessed with Brad Pitt, and he only liked to watch movies with him in them.

As soon as the orders were lifted, Byron was so ecstatic to get rid the Razzie nominee. Now, Byron has his house back, and Amil has her husband back.

If after all of that, you still want to spend time with Clooney, then you have a chance. He teamed up with a Omaze to give someone a chance to hang with him and his wife in Lake Como. They will even pay for your hotel stay and flight. It might be worth spending a few hours with him just for a free trip to Italy.

Sounds like something you want to do? Then enter by July 15th for a chance for a free vacation.


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