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[ # ] FX’s Dirt gets Cournifer
February 19th, 2007 under Friends (cast), FX


Call them Friends with benefits. You already know that when Jennifer Aniston guests on the March 27 season finale of Courteney Cox’s FX drama Dirt, she’ll be playing her bosom buddy’s archenemy, a rival tabloid editor. But what I’ve learned — muahaha, exclusively! — is that Aniston’s character is a lesbian. What’s more, she won’t just mouth off to Cox’s tightly wound counterpart, she’s going to share a liplock with her. An FX rep declined to comment, but Joey Tribbiani had this to say: "Yeah, baby!"

Michael Ausiello (story) and Best Friends Forever – Monica and Rachel (photo) 

The thing I dislike about Dirt is it feels forced when they try to push the envelope like when they had Courtney Cox pleasuring herself last week. To me having Jen and her kiss is not needed, just having Jennifer Aniston on was going to give the show numbers. Dirt is not Nip/Tuck or Rescue Me and I wish they would stop trying to be like them just because the show is on FX.


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