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[ # ] Freaky Friday skips the weekend to Freaky Monday
October 13th, 2009 under Jodie Foster, Stupid Sequels/Remakes

Freak Friday is getting a sequel called Freaky Monday based on the book of the same title that was written by the same author of the original book. According to Variety, “Freaky Monday centers on a smart but insecure girl who magically switches bodies with her sympathetic junior high English teacher for a day.” I was kind of hoping the sequel would be the story of the daughter from the original who is now a mom, switching places with her daughter, but this one sounds OK. Hopefully they can get Jodie Foster to play the teacher and maybe have John Astin play the principal or something. I chose to show the original Freaky Friday TV Spot because who doesn’t love John Astin, he is so freaking sexy to me!!!


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