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June 26th, 2011 under Books, The Brady Bunch

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Florence Henderson has written a memoir and according to Reuters in it she shared a story that none of us really needed to know. Carol Brady, the sweet and innocent mom on The Brady Bunch, details how an one night affair left her scratching.

Henderson, now 77, recounts in her upcoming memoir that she was cheating on her husband during the 1960s, and gave in to her better judgment when her married and unattractive friend put the moves on her over drinks at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
“I was lonely. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. So, what did I do? I did it,” she writes in “Life is Not a Stage,” set for publication in September.
Henderson went home later that night, and awoke to a grisly surprise the next day as she saw “little black things” crawling over her bed and body.
An urgent call to a doctor took care of the problem, known medically as pubic lice, and Lindsay sent her flowers and a note of apology.
“Guess I learned the hard way that crabs do not discriminate but cross over all socioeconomic strata,” Henderson writes. “He must have had quite the active life. What a way to put the kibosh on a relationship.”

I have to admit that story got me wanting to read the book until I the article added that only one chapter in the book is dedicated to the show that made her household name. That is all I care about when it comes to her.
BTW her TV daughter Susan Olsen aka Cindy Brady to Twitter to defend her TV mom, she said “SOOO sick of the vapid media. Give them a good book to read and all they get is a case of crabs.”



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