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[ # ] Find out the Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis tonight!
December 17th, 2011 under Starz!

Tonight at 8p on Encore get to know the Method to the Madness that we know as Jerry Lewis. For two hours you will get an exclusive in-depth look at the career of Jerry Lewis through his eyes and the eyes of the A-List celebrities that admire him, desire to be him and learned so much from him. The Hey Lady guy shares with us how it all began to where his career is now with clips from his acts, movies and never-before-scene behind-the-scenes of his most famous works. Along with his interesting and educational stories, several A-Listers like Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Carol Burnett, Steven Spielberg, Chevy Chase, Richard Lewis, Carl Reiner, Quentin Tarantino Woody Harrelson and Alec Baldwin took part in this documentary. It is very rare you see a lot of those names (especially Eddie) talk about anyone besides themselves on camera, but they did it for the comedic legend.
You will learn just how groudbreaking he was and what he did for comedy as a whole. I never realized how much he did and just appreciated his body of work, but this documentary makes you see him in a new light. It is amazing all the the things did and how he did it. Like how he would create the sounds, makes the faces, use music to make a scene better and so on. You will learn of a scene that he did that landed him in the hospital and so much more.
Whether you are a fan of his not, this is a must watch documentary to anyone who loves Hollywood because his influence is still seen today. So watch it to see how his madness created so much of what we see today. Well that and it is an enjoyable two hours that will leave you laughing!


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