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[ # ] Family Law delivers the most heartfelt episode of the TV season tonight
October 9th, 2022 under Uncategorized

Tonight at 8p on The CW, Family Law gives us an emotional episode. A couple with Down’s Syndrome wants to keep their baby, but the government wants to take it away because they don’t think they are responsible enough to raise the infant. That is why they need a lawyer to defend them.

Harry Svensson (Victor Garber) assigns the case to his son, Daniel (Zach Smadu), as the lead, and Abigail (Jewel Staite), as his second.

Abigail is not happy about that because she has a lot more experience than her brother, who she is just getting to know. However, beggars can’t be choosers because she is still a pariah in the law world since she showed up to court drunk and threw up in a briefcase. Therefore, she will have to grin and bear it.

Plus, how can you say no to this loving couple who just wants to raise their baby? They even have their family’s support. Abigail speaks to the father’s mother and thinks she would be a perfect addition to help the couple. However, when they show up in court, Abigail finds out the mom has Parkinson’s. That makes the couple’s case even harder to win.

Abigail’s mistake pisses Daniel off, and he thinks that she needs to be fired even more. So, she comes up with another way to prove that the couple will be great parents. Her plan goes awry, and she might’ve cost the couple their baby. Can she do anything at this point to win their case?

While she might be responsible for this couple losing their baby, she is definitely responsible for losing custody of her children to her husband because of her drinking. She is trying to win their hearts back now that she is sober. Her son has no problem loving her, but her daughter is reluctant to let her back in. Abigail’s relationship with her kids makes her want to fight even harder for this couple. Will it be enough?

You are just going to have to tune in for an episode that deserves A+. Watch it tonight and every Sunday on The CW! I promise you are going to love it as much as I do.


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