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[ # ] Family Guy goes on without Seth MacFarlane
November 14th, 2007 under Seth MacFarlane

Variety spoke with Seth MacFarlane about the fact that Fox will air a new Family Guy episode this Sunday, that they completed on their own without him.

"It would just be a colossal dick move if they did that," MacFarlane said Tuesday. He said the next three episodes of the show "are relatively close to completion, but they have not had a final pass."

MacFarlane conceded that the Fox network and 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the show, are "legally within their rights" to complete episodes without his sign-off.

"But they've never done anything like this before, in which they've said, ‘We're going to finish a show without you,' " MacFarlane said. "It's really going to be unfortunate and damaging to our relationship if they do it."

How serious are his words that this can damage his relationship with them, this serious.

MacFarlane also has another bit of leverage over 20th: He's been in "final talks" over a new deal with the studio for more than a year. He's been working under an interim agreement, but he says he doesn't have a signed long-term contract with the studio.

"I'm technically in breach of nothing," he said.

I really hope the two of them work it out because I waited two and half years for a new episode, it would be sad to see end this way. 


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