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[ # ] Family Feud asked men what they like suck on and it goes there!
November 4th, 2015 under Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey asked the Family Feud contestants, “When you were a baby you loved your pacifier, what do you love sucking on now?” The first contestant buzzed and guessed Popsicle. It was the third answer on the board and there were two answers on the board that scored higher. Now it was Charles turn and without hesitation he said, “Nipple!” All his family could do was laugh, as the Pastor, yes Pastor, begged, “Oh Jesus, help me!” Jesus helped him out because “Handful o’ Hooters” was #2 on the board.
I feel for Pastor Charles because he is going to have very interesting sermon on Sunday after his flock watches this episode. But in his defense there is nothing wrong with a husband enjoying his wife’s nipple. There is nothing in the bible that says it is a sin! So he has nothing to be embarrassed about. When it comes to his three kids, they can totally be embarrassed because no matter how old you are; you never want to hear about your parents sex life and especially on national television.


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[ # 1256967 ] Comment from Mental Floss [November 5, 2015, 7:20 am]

Funny and true.

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