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[ # ] Ever wonder what Gordon Ramsay is like at a drive-thru?
April 19th, 2021 under Gordon Ramsay

We have seen Gordon Ramsay rip restaurants and hotels a new one on his television shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. Have you ever wondered what he would be like going through a drive-thru? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

The Michelin Star Chef went to Costa Coffee and ordered a British Smoked Bacon Bap. Since he is who he is, he asked them a million questions when he ordered his sandwich.

If you think that is bad, then wait until you see what happens when he gets his breakfast. Want to see that, then

I love how the staff reacted when they realized that it was the MasterChef at their window critiquing their sandwich with microwave bacon. I have no Michelin Stars, and even I know that is so wrong. That just looked so gross; even I wouldn’t eat it. Would you?

BTW I hope Fox sees this and makes this a show. Basically, it is Gordon Ramsay driving around America and going through drive-thrus. I would totally watch just to see him eat something from Taco Bell or White Castle.


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