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[ # ] Even Will Smith cannot get out of jury duty
January 30th, 2018 under Will Smith

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on

Will Smith might be a huge movie star, but that does not mean is huge enough to get out of jury duty. Yesterday, the Fresh Prince showed up to court to do his civil duty at 7:15a. A time he is obviously not used to getting up at and going to work. Well he is, but this time he could not just show up and sleep in the makeup chair until they are ready for him on the set.

Which makes you wonder what the other jurors were thinking when they saw him walk in. I am sure as soon as the lawyers saw him, they were like we do not want him. I mean, imagine him sitting in the jury box?

No word if he was selected, but since he posted this at the end of the day, I am thinking he was dismissed. Isn’t that one of the jury duty rules, you don’t talk about jury duty?

Finally, he said doody! That never gets old.


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