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[ # ] Even Don Cheadle doesn’t know why he got an Emmy nom
July 13th, 2021 under Don Cheadle, Emmys

Don Cheadle received an Emmy nomination today for his role in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. However, a lot of people, including himself, are wondering why he was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama. That is because his role wasn’t even two minutes long, as you can see in the above clip. Not only was it short, but nothing monumental happened.

You know how people are in 2021; they immediately took to social media and complained about it. As soon as the 11-time Emmy nominee heard about it, he responded to the backlash. “thanks, well wishers. sorry, haters. agreed,” he wrote. “Man shruggingers. i don’t really get it either. buuuuuuuuuut on we go …”

This answer didn’t satisfy them, but then again, nothing will.

Look, there are always going to be people who we think should not be nominated, but they are. That is why viewers don’t like awards shows anymore as much. TBH I would have been more upset if he were nominated for Golden Palace because he was GA in that. But seriously, watch the series, and see how much he has grown as an actor.


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