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[ # ] Eric Balfour’s facial hair explained!
March 31st, 2011 under Syfy

For years I have wondered why Eric Balfour has always had his goatee and never shaved it off. Well I am not the only one and today on Twitter he explained why he hasn’t changed his look.

My facial hair is in honor of my dead grandmother. She told me on her death bed the day I finally had more hair on my chin than hers, I was never aloud to shave again! ARE YOU INSULTING MY DEAD GRANNY?!!! SHE’S DEAD DUDE! Just kidding 🙂 Not about her being dead. She really is dead. So f*ck you for reminding me! Not about the f*ck you part, I never forgot my grandma was dead… Hahahahaha! “@nigel_howard: @ERICBALFOUR please shave the attempt at a beard / moustache combo. It’s not cool

It is just another reason to love him. How sweet that it’s in honor of his late grandmother.
BTW it’s not that I think he looks bad with the facial hair, I am just curious to see what he looks without it. Especially after I saw Tangled because I think he looks a lot like Flynn Rider. Doesn’t he?


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