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August 26th, 2012 under Cheezy Flicks

A few weeks ago I watched a movie on Netflix and I was introduced to a company called Cheezy Flicks. The name of the company pretty much says it all, but what it doesn’t say is just how good these films that they put out really are, you know in their own kind of way. Cheezy Flicks releases new movies and re-releases films that might be lost without them.
The first feature I got from them is Jungle Drums of Africa that was originally released back on 1953 as a 12-part serial film. It is described as “The daughter of a medical missionary in Africa comes face to face with ferocious beasts and killer crazed savages as she carries on her father’s work after he dies. She befriends two adventurers proscpecting for uranium, and before long she finds herself in danger from crooks trying to get the uranium for themselves and a local witch doctor that sees her as a threat to her power.” Personally I watched all 12 chapters and I am not really sure what it is about, but what I do know is I that I really enjoyed it. It was so bad, but yet so much fun. The music, the acting, the story, just everything made it something to enjoy over and over again.
It is the type of movie you can enjoy with your friends that make you suffer through movies like Out of Africa. It is not as much revenge as it is to show them what’s really enjoyable to sit through. I bet you they won’t forget this movie anytime soon and neither will you. So add this Cheezy Flick to your collection because who doesn’t need a good bad film every now and again?


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