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[ # ] Energy Noodles are guaranteed to get you men excited…literally!
June 27th, 2013 under Ads

via Jimmy Kimmel Live!
There is a new product out of China called Energy Noodles and not only does it make you stronger, it makes you men longer! So I guess technically it makes you longer and stronger down there. And another benefit is it gives you “clean virgin pee”, whatever the hell that is.
But who cares about all of those benefits, when you have an ad like this one. Where 3 men had travel half way across the globe to shoot a commercial that they were hoping no one they knew would see.
BTW if the ad was awesome enough, here is the description that was included on their YouTube page with it!

Hello mate, you want to ride faster? Are you powerless?
Want to be faster than lance strong? Be fast and use Energy Noodles!
0.0 nutrirition male hormons are more powerful than chock norris
secret injection total legal then you can be faster than a Ferrari!
Your male testosterone will be faster than a rocket
Use it like a professional and you will get a Mega Bonus!
From the manufacturers of Boss Noodles, Do Ping Province China,
Energy Noodles promises to deliver totally legal competitive advantage with rock-hard side effects.


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