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[ # ] Eminem comes clean about something that’s bothered him since 2009
May 29th, 2018 under Eminem, Val Kilmer

Eminem has had his beefs throughout his career, but there is one that he has wanted to get off his chest since the turn of the decade.

About 9 years ago at some MTV awards show, his trailer was next to 50 Cent’s. Since it was an awards show, he had to change for what he was going to wear on stage. Then he said, “As I was taking off my underwear, I look across in Fiddy’s trailer, right even with me, is Val Kilmer.” Then he added, “And I know he is looking at me, and I know he looked away because he saw me looking at him. I know Val Kilmer saw me naked.”

Even since then he was wanted to get that off of his chest. What I want to know is if the Real Genius thought the rapper’s Top Gun was an 8 Mile? Which could explain why they both have kept it Top Secret for nearly a decade. Or maybe Kilmer just forgot about it, like we forgot he played the Caped Crusader in a Batman movie. Did you remember that?

UPDATE: Val Kilmer responded to Eminem’s reveal on Facebook. To see what he wrote, then

But your story is not true oh Mighty Shady One. In fact I asked 50 several times if I might meet you to pay my respects, having listened to you from the very first song his the airwaves. And 50 said ok and soon was enveloped in your cavernous trailer, which as you say was right next door, not 10 feet away. As I was practicing what I would say and trying to think of something clever, suddenly he returned. I could tell in a second while he was still in your doorway it wasn’t going to happen. He said you werpreparing for your performance so this wasn’t a good time.
I had a kind of sinking recognition that that meant we wouldn’t meet for a long time, as our worlds we far apart. At the time I was still managing a 6,000 acre buffalo ranch in the wilderness of Pecos, New Mexico and spending my free time making art and recording music, and not much of the kind i thought would entertain you. Altho I did one cover I thought u might like because the lyrics are so compelling by Randy Newman called “I think it’s gonna rain today…” except I changed a few things.
Well my hope is still alive that we might meet and as I have cause to be in Detroit more often, maybe it will happen after all these years. You know 50 and I did something that’s upset him but he won’t tell me what, except I gained a lot of weight when i was goofing around in the ranch and singing and writing a lot of scripts. So I’ve never been able to get your contacts. And my friend who knows Dre says he’s really tough to get close to…

Funny thing about your post: I was just in Detroit, just a week ago or so. I was there to meet a new friend who’s as tough as all hell and yet so sweet, Andra Rush. Look her up she’s had a really amazing career. And I also did some charity work raising money for my causes at the Detroit comic con. Good people in the house. Tough people. Honest and I’m comin’ back. And I’ll find a way to reach you and give you a gift. But I hope you can trust I never saw even any shady underwear back at those award shows. And it was so long ago it was one of those break out moments for Lady Gaga who I have a haunting moment about because I watched he hobble like a Downtown drunk all the way back up that long steep ramp up to the trailers, without offering a hand. It was painful to watch and I could have helped. I admit she intimidated me, but still. She was a young woman in peril. She sure ain’t that no mo… I’m starting a video pod cast I’m going to get going out if my new recording studio/art space. You’ll like it. It’s got the right manifesto behind it. Our temp title is HELMEL as it’s in the corner of HELiotrope and MELrose. HELMEL: well played studios. Or well played Productions. Obviously I’m excited by your strange story, and from so long ago. I’d like to think it’s because I was just there and somehow it got into the air….


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