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[ # ] Ellen Pompeo reveals the origin story of vajayjay
November 13th, 2020 under Jimmy Kimmel, Shonda Rhimes

Back in 2006, Chandra Wilson uttered the word vajayjay on Grey’s Anatomy, and it is now a word in our vernacular. Did you ever wonder how it came (no pun intended) about? Cum (pun intended) on, you want to know.

Yesterday, when Ellen Pompeo was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he asked her about carrying a penis around in a cooler on one of the episodes. That is when she shared the story about vajayjay.

During that episode, they said the word penis many, many, many times. However, ABC’s standards and practices would not let them use the word vagina. Therefore, when it came time for Wilson to say the word, she came up with vajayjay to make the men in suits happy.

By doing that, she also made us happy. Now, I want to know what other words she has cum (pun intended) up with throughout her lifetime.

Wilson is why I say Pompeo can go. I think Dr. Bailey is the real star of the show. Who doesn’t love her more?

BTW If you want to see the big reveal on last night’s episode that everyone is talking about, then


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