Seriously? OMG! WTF?Ellen DeGeneres is ready for her first day back to school! - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Ellen DeGeneres is ready for her first day back to school!
September 6th, 2017 under Ellen DeGeneres

I do not know about you, but yesterday my Facebook news feed was full of pictures that parents posted of their kids’ first day back to school. They were not alone, Ellen DeGeneres also had her first day back to work on her daytime talk show for the new season. How did she celebrate it? She posed just like all those children and put on a backpack, held her paper bagged lunch in one hand and sign that reads “First Day of Season 15” in the other one. Also like those students, she had a big smile on her face. One that I am sure was gone by the time the final school bell rang for the day.

Why is it we were so excited for the first day of school until the morning bell rang? We knew what we were in for. How did we forget during that summer break? I do not miss the first days of school? Do you?


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