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[ # ] Eli Roth’s TMI about his pet pig
October 1st, 2010 under Eli Roth

(photo from Eli Roth’s Twitter)

Eli Roth was at PETA’s 30th anniversary celebrations and he talked about his pet micro-pig Pennington. What he shared about Piggy Smalls, according to Independent Women is very TMI, he said, “He’s very interested in sniffing my toes and sniffing my crotch right after I come back from the gym, we have a very weird relationship.” I don’t even want to know how bad his crotch must smell after he gets back from the gym to get his Notorious PIG to want to sniff it, but for some reason I can’t get an egregious odor out of my nose and mind. I hope he buys some Axe and sprays it down there before and after he works out for his pig’s snout’s sake. I so didn’t need to know about his rancid smelling crotch and feet. So ewwww.
xoxo YKW!


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