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[ # ] Elayne Boosler needs you to follow her on Instagram!
September 9th, 2020 under Netflix

Elayne Boosler had four very successful comedy specials in a time when not everyone and their brother was getting one. They are still so popular that several streaming services, like Amazon Prime and Tubi TV, have them available to view and for us to watch so we can laugh with her.

The hilarious comedian has a fifth special ready to stream, but she can’t get Netflix to buy it. I find that weird because they still have specials from disgraced “comedians” like Chris D’Elia, Joe Rogan, and Louis C.K. available to watch. You would think they would want to remove those like at least one of them has been rumored to do with his pants in front of unwilling participants,

Anyways, back to Boosler, she explained on Facebook, “I found out Netflix turned me down for a special because, are you wearing your WTF?? hats? I didn’t have enough Instagram followers. That’s all they look at.” Then she added, “‘Oh yes, we’re huge fans, you’re hilarious, a legend. But the numbers show no interest in you now.’

Therefore, she needs you to follow her Instagram so that Netflix will buy her special. All you have to do is hit follow, and then we will get some much-needed humor into our lives. Seriously, I have watched all four of her past specials, and I laughed my ass off. Figuratively because literally, it is still there. My stomach, though, it a little tighter from laughing so hard at her jokes.

Follow Elayne Boosler, what can hurt.


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