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[ # ] Eddie Murphy talks Pam Grier’s t!tties and shares an epic Rodney Dangerfield story
January 21st, 2020 under Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy shared some interesting stories with W Magazine, and he could not stop saying t!tties during the first question. That is because he told them that Pam Grier’s t!tties were the first ones he saw. Not only that, he saw them over and over and over again in several different movies. Because of that, it made it awkward for him when they worked together on The Adventures of Pluto Nash. He never told her that he saw them, but he has a feeling she knew that he did. Mostly because he could not help but to look at them all wide-eyed.

That was not the only thing we learned about him; he talked about rightfully turning down advice from Rodney Dangerfield. Back in 1980, before Murphy did Saturday Night Live, he was on the lineup with Dangerfield in Fort Lauderdale. They asked who wanted to follow the legendary late comedian, and Murphy was so full of himself that he offered to do it. Not only that, Murphy asked him to watch his set. When it was over, Dangerfield told the teen that the race jokes and vulgarity was not going to work. Two years later, when Murphy, who was on SNL at the time, was in Vegas performing, and Dangerfield ran into him in the restroom. Rodney looked at him and said, “Who knew?” And you wonder why he got no respect?

For some reason, this interview reminds me of the old Eddie that we know and love. Almost enough to make me want to spend money and see him on tour with his act.


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