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[ # ] Ed Westwick needs to button up
October 25th, 2009 under Gossip Girl

Spotted Ed Westwick with his shirt open exposing his hairy chest and looking so cheesy. He seriously reminds one of the disco guys from the ’70s who thought he was all sexy in a polyester suit with his shirt open showing off his hairy chest and wearing lots of fake gold chains, not realizing that women were so turned off. At least I assume they were repusled because whenever I see men like that in movies or the Two Wild and Crazy Guys skit on SNL, I throw up in my mouth a little. And I have never heard any of my friends go, I would do him when they saw that look on a guy. I mean if guy like that approached you in a bar, don’t tell me you wouldn’t walk away?
But back to Ed, if his face didn’t look as hot as it did in those pictures I would totally be throwing up in a little in my mouth right about now. But it could be just that I don’t have a thing for guys with hairy chests like that?


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[ # 371466 ] Comment from karma [October 27, 2009, 7:42 am]

So gay.

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