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[ # ] Dunkin’s coffee just got 20% more caffeine
December 30th, 2020 under Fast Food

Do you love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but it is not strong enough for you? Well, the donut shop heard your complaints and made a coffee strong enough for even you. Between now and January 26th, you can buy their Extra Charged Coffee with 20% more caffeine for $2. Now, you will be bouncing off the wall with that extra jolt.

If you don’t want to be jumping off the walls, then they have 2 coffees for you to try out. They are Dunkin’ Midnight and Explorer Batch. To read about those two flavors, then

Dunkin’ Midnight: New Dunkin’ Midnight is the brand’s darkest roast ever, featuring a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor, rounded out with notes of decadent cocoa and an intensely dark finish. Dunkin’ Midnight joins the brand’s core menu of coffee offerings alongside the beloved Original Blend and Dunkin’ Decaf.

Explorer Batch: The first coffee blend to be introduced as part of Dunkin’s new Limited Batch Series, Explorer Batch is a medium roast featuring dark berry notes, rounded out with a smoky finish. To craft its unique Explorer Batch, Dunkin’ sourced beans from four highly regarded coffee regions, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. Explorer Batch will be available for a limited time, with new Limited Batch Series coffees to be introduced throughout the year.


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