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February 12th, 2008 under Aretha Franklin

(photo from WireImage)
Aretha Franklin is wondering why the Grammys people had Beyonce call Tina Turner The Queen when she is the Queen of Soul. People got this statement from her.
"I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé, however I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy. In addition to that, I thank the Grammys and the voting academy for my 20th Grammy and love to Beyoncé anyway." 
I thought it was weird when Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as The Queen, but I couldn't figure out why until I read this story. Granted I got bit by the flu bug and everything is coming to me much more slowly. 
But back to Aretha I agree with her, she is the Queen. I can't wait to hear what the Recording Academy has to say about this.
Long live the Queen! 

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