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[ # ] Don’t let this photo of Oliver Hudson scare you
November 5th, 2020 under Oliver Hudson

Oliver Hudson shared a terrifying photo of himself, lying in what looks like a hospital bed, getting an ultrasound on his neck. People were worried about his health, and even the media called to check up on him.

Today, he explained that he is OK and that it was just a routine visit. Hudson revealed that he has genetic high cholesterol (342), and he went to make sure that he does not have any plaque in his carotid artery. Just like all of his family has plaques for their acting, and he doesn’t, he doesn’t have any in his neck. Why doesn’t he have any awards? I think he is a good thespian.

Hudson promised to keep giving us updates on his health. I can’t wait to hear about his next prostate exam! Cough Oliver, cough.


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