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[ # ] Don’t ever confuse Samuel L Jackson for another actor
February 10th, 2014 under Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson was on KTLA this morning to talk about Robocop and Sam Rubin asked him about the Super Bowl commercial he was in. Only problem, is Shaft wasn’t in any Super Bowl ad this year. The person that the Entertainment Reporter was thinking of was Laurence Fishuburne. Well Jackson went all Pulp Fiction on him and said that not all African Americans look alike. He then launched into a Snakes on a Plane like rant describing the other actors to Rubin so he wouldn’t get them confused again.
Personally, I have never liked Sam Rubin, so I am happy that Jackson called him out for making a stupid mistake on the air. Granted it happens to all of us, I once confused Doris Roberts for Renee Taylor; but at least mine was off-camera.
Now back to Rubin, he did an on-air apology to Jackson a half hour afterwards and tried to make it as thought he was talking about the Captain America ad that aired during the football game. Do you believe him because I don’t.


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