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[ # ] Does Blake Shelton have a drinking problem?
May 28th, 2019 under Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s love for drinking is as well known as the fact that he is dating Gwen Stefani. Therefore, I don’t know why it surprised me that he played Beer Pong with Smithworks Vodka in red party garbage cans. But it did.

How did he do? Before he even had a sip, he totally missed his marks. Then his niece Madeline went and got the ball in one of the cups. He downed that shot like a freshman in college at his first party at the fraternity he want to pledge.

We do not know how the rest of the game went, but we can only assume it went much worse for him. At least things are not all bad for him, he still he can look forward to continuing his bromance with Adam Levine on The Voice. Oh, that is why he played this game with those cups. He was drinking his sorrows away.



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