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September 14th, 2018 under Animals

On August 8th, Tonks was born in the Denver Zoo. She is one of only 24 Aye-Ayes in 7 American zoos. The nocturnal lemurs are some of the rarest and hardest to see animals in the world. Those who see them, say that they are ugly. Not me, I think she is beautiful.

What makes her and her relatives so distinctive? The zoo says the Aye-Ayes have coarse dark hair, long bushy tails, rodent-like teeth, piercing eyes and skeletal hands that feature extra-long middle fingers with hooked claws and native to remote areas of Madagascar.

When it comes to when people will be able to see Tonks at the zoo, visitors will have to wait a few months. She will remain in her nest box until she is mature enough to be let out.

BTW am I the only one who wants to see an Aye-Aye in a Disney movie?


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