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[ # ] Do you think that the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer is too scary?
July 1st, 2010 under Movies

Paramount debuted the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 with the movie Twilight: Eclipse and some people are complaining it is too scary. In fact so many people complained that according to MTV News, Cinemark a movie theater chain pulled the trailer from some of their theaters in Texas.
Maybe because I grew up with horror movies, I didn’t find that trailer that scary. Plus it was paired with a movie about Vampires and Werewolves. Now I understand that those vamps and wolfmen are in love, but they are still creatures that are associated with horror thus making the trailer a good fit with the movie. I mean I could understand if it were shown before Despicable Me, but it was shown with a movie about human eaters and blood suckers. But forgetting all of that the complaints came from parents who took their pre-teens to see the movie at midnight. So it is bad for them to see a trailer that lasted less that 90 seconds, but it is OK for them to go see a movie at midnight? Talk about priorities being messed up? Seriously maybe the kids and parents were so scared because it was way past their bedtimes and their tiredness made them think that trailer was more horrifying than it was.
Finally it wasn’t only parents and their little girls that were terrified by the trailer, Ryan Seacrest Tweeted this reaction, “paranormal activity 2 teaser trailer…hold someone”. Yeah that is helping him prove how masculine he is. I wonder if he screamed and cried liked like a little girl as he held Simon Cowell tightly when he saw it? Can you picture it? That image scared me more than the PA2 trailer.


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