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[ # ] Do you have the balls to wear this face mask?
November 25th, 2020 under Odd

I have a face mask addiction. I want them all. I go into stores, and I have to call a sponsor, so I don’t buy my fifth pig nose mask. Yes, I have a problem.

That was then. I have finally found one that I would not wear. Billy Balls Bags has expanded his fake testicle accessory business. Now he is selling a mouth covering that is shaped like a man’s cajones. I am used to having my lips on the other side of the sack. Therefore, I don’t want the be on the inside of one.

While that is how I feel about myself, it didn’t stop me from being ballsy enough to order a few for my friends and family. Gotta hit them where it hurts!

Even though I won’t wear the mask, that didn’t stop me from ordering the Ballbag Coin Purse & Testicle Sack. I want my man to know his balls are mine. One squeeze and he will give me all of the money I want!

Oh, and my friend Holly, who found this mask, and I wondered if they made one shaped like a vajayjay. Wouldn’t it be funny if it had a hole for a straw? Imagine what that would look like if you drank with it on?


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