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[ # ] Do Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin even know who The Monkees are?
October 18th, 2010 under Dancing with the Stars, The Monkees

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars Mark Ballas and his partner teen activist Bristol Palin (who knew getting knocked up at 17 made you an activist) had to dance to a TV theme song and theirs was The Monkees’ Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees. I am guessing that two of them decided not to do any research on the show because they came out dressed as monkeys. Not like the band, but as gorillas. Just for that I think they should be eliminated, but I also think they should be gone because that was just painful and she has needed go for 5 weeks.
I don’t get why the judges are so nice to her and they ripped Michael Bolton when he also pretended to be an animal and he danced just as bad as she did tonight. Can we say they play favorites?
Serioualy Mark WTF were you thinking because that was the most pitiful thing I have seen on the show all season and that is saying a lot because I think that passing Bristol off as a Star is pretty sad. I also think that is by far the worst dance of the season and that is also hard to top because last week when Florence Henderson was trying to be sexy is still creeping me out.
So please whoever you people are that are voting for Sarah Palin’s daughter to stay on the show, please stop and put her out the rest of out miseries. Thanks.
BTW the only saving grace I could get from tonight’s performance is if one of The Monkees is asked to be a contestant on the show next season.


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