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[ # ] Disney set to destroy, I mean remake Yellow Submarine
September 11th, 2009 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes, The Beatles

In one of the saddest remakes to date and there have been some really sad one, Disney announced that they are remaking Yellow Submarine according to MTV’s Movie Blog. The 3D movie will be directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also worked on the animated movies The Polar Express and the upcoming A Christmas Carol. Here is how is planning on destroying it…

The “new voyage to Pepperland” will include all 16 Beatles songs featured in the original film. Sounds an awful lot like it’s going to be a (fairly) straight remake of the original, in which The Beatles set off on a voyage to save the undersea kingdom of Pepperland from the nefarious Blue Meanies. I’m honestly not sure whether to feel thrilled or mortified.

Yellow Submarine is all about The Beatles, how do remake their movie with half of them no longer with us. Such a sacrilege. So wrong. Too bad John Lennon is too peaceful to haunt Zemeckis and convince him not to touch the classic, but maybe George isn’t as nice?


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