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[ # ] Did Warren Sapp and Derek Hough go at it?
November 26th, 2008 under Dancing with the Stars

There were rumors that Warren Sapp and Derek Hough went at it during a rehearsal and they said that Warren got physical with Derek who didn't stand down. I thought hey it was rumor, so didn't post it until OK! Magazine got to the truth of it and it was the truth sort of.
While Warren wouldn’t address the alleged fight, tersely telling reporters after the finale to “ask Derek” about it, Derek did say, “This has been blown way out of proportion. Warren and I exchanged a few words at rehearsal that lasted seconds. The idea that Warren would do physical harm to me or anyone is outrageous. We’re all become good friends during the season.”

But pro Corky Ballas, who was teamed up with Cloris Leachman this season and has been close to Derek for years as his dance teacher and friend, told OK!, “I think that Warren thinks this is a football field. I mean this in a good way. All his life, they get mad at themselves and angry so they can get out there and play well so he’s only doing what his instincts are, under pressure with adrenalin.”

Added Corky, “I told Derek, ‘let it go right off your [back].’ It’s part of psyching people out. Some psych-out tactics work. It doesn’t work on Derek.”

Comedian Jeffrey Ross, who was the first contestant eliminated this season, but who came back to perform on the show again this week, told OK!, “I happened to be at that rehearsal and they got into a little thing, but I think it has more to do with the intensity of the moment; guys having to coordinate their moods and their travel schedules and their work schedules, and things bubble up and honestly, they’re all teammates at this point. There’s no losers here.”

Derek’s close friend and fellow DWTS dancer Mark Ballas also said the incident was blown out of proportion, but admitted to OK! that the hit ABC show can be a pressure cooker!

“There are stressful times and when you’re working together, sometimes people get heated at each other,” Mark explained. “When you’re together 24 hours a day and you’re working, sometimes you just talk to each other out of frustration. Things like that happen. But both of them are cool.”

I say let us a viewers, who did not have a choice in the winner let Warren and Derek have a televised smackdown and let the winner be the one who rightfully brings home the mirror ball trophy. I would put my money on Warren!!!

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