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[ # ] Did Taylor Swift learn how to dance from The Breakfast Club?
April 18th, 2016 under Taylor Swift

There is a new Apple Music commercial out with Taylor Swift, and this time she is dancing in it as compared to losing a battle with a treadmill. While she dances better to Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle than she does bopping around at concerts, I felt like I had seen those moves before.
Don’t most of them remind you of that legendary dance scene from The Breakfast Club? But there is one important lesson she didn’t learn from that classic movie and that is how to put on lipstick like Molly Ringwald. Ladies, tell me I am not the only who tried it! And yes, I also danced like them too because who didn’t want to have as much fun as they were having going wild to Karla DeVito’s We Are Not Alone.
Side note, how did I not realize until now that the woman who sang that song, is also the same woman who told Meat Loaf to stop right there during Paradise in the Dashboard Light. Do kids still belt out that coming of age song? Please them me yes!
Anyways back to The Breakfast Club, here is that awesome dance scene to brighten your day!


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