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[ # ] Did Sarah Michelle Gellar get lip fillers?
July 13th, 2017 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a photo of herself with much fuller lips, so did she get lip fillers? Thankfully, no! As she explained, “So, I woke up today and my lips looked like Elise Elliot, Goldie Hawns character in #FirstWivesClub. Turns out it was an allergic reaction, and after a visit to the doctor and some anti-histamines, I am almost back to normal. I will now never wonder what I would like with large lips, -completely disproportionate to my face (and they make talking and drinking coffee hard) Thank you, but definitely NO thank you.”

I wonder how many actresses wish they had an allergic reaction like Gellar’s before they got their lips done? Probably almost all of them.



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