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[ # ] Did Jay Leno just say ‘white men are on the way out’ of late night?
September 3rd, 2013 under Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a guest on The Late Late Show tonight, and Craig Ferguson and him heckled a female comedian who was doing her act on the CBS talk show that airs at 12:37a.
Comedian Cameron Esposito was talking about what type of dresses her girlfriend and her are going to wear when they get married. She said that they’re going to wear denim ones and then referenced that Leno likes blue jeans. Well Craig interrupted her and asked, “Are you saying he is a lesbian?” Then she tried to respond back to the two veteran comedians and it didn’t work as well as she liked. Realizing that her first late night talk experience wasn’t going as well as she hoped, she asked if she could interview them. It was then that they told her she is the future of late night TV. So much so that Leno told her that “white men are on the way out.” Which I assume he is referring to the late night television market. Only problem with his theory is that the person who’s replacing the person who is replacing him is white, so maybe not just yet. Although when Letterman and Craig are gone from their shows, it will be interesting to see who will replace the two white males. Will they finally get a woman and/or someone of color to host a late night show on the big three or will it be another honky? I am hoping for some diversity and also someone who is not named Jimmy to fill the vacated slots.
BTW I am not including Joan Rivers, Chelsea Handler, Arsenio Hall or George Lopez in this mix because they did/do not host a show on any of the big three networks, CBS, NBC or ABC.


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