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[ # ] Did Craig Ferguson’s audience-free experiment work?
February 24th, 2010 under Craig Ferguson

Yesterday Craig Ferguson tried something that most late night talk show hosts would never dare to do and that is do his whole show without an audience. In opening transition between his show and his boss’ David Letterman’s he explained why he decided to try this experiment. What he said made sense. Instead of doing a monologue, he immediately started interviewing the witty and interesting Stephen Fry and continued to do so for the rest of the show. Basically it was a chat between two old friends and they talked about a range of topics from their drug use, Twitter, America and so much more.
Last night’s experiment was definitely an interesting one, but I can’t say I fully loved it. Part of the reason why I watch late night TV is not only for the interviews, but for the laughs. I didn’t find myself laughing during the chat. I found it interesting and learned some things, but I did find myself getting bored. I like the concept of getting to know someone better and I really feel that I did, but I am not sure his show is the right outlet for that and especially at that hour. By not having the audience there you get a much more intimate interview which I liked, but I think I prefer the interviews with an audience when you can tell by the silence that you are going to long on a topic or the laughter to keep going with that part of the interview. And I think audience feedback was really missing from their chat. I am not saying I wouldn’t watch if he chose to do it again, but I would prefer if he did it again he did it with someone with a little more energy that he has a great rapport with like Denis Leary!
After the show finished taping @CraigyFerg Tweeted, “Just finished taping show with Stephen Fry & no audience. Thank God he is so erudite & generous. Odd show. Some will like it. Some won’t.” I think I am just in the middle when it comes to how I feel about it. What do you think? Do think he should do it again?
Craig Ferguson will be back with an audience tonight at 12:37a on CBS’s The Late Late Show and he will be talking to Don Cheadle and Jenneatte Walls.


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[ # 386139 ] Comment from Apres Ski [February 24, 2010, 10:08 am]

Loved the show . . . TOTALLY AWESOME! Can’t wait for him to do that again! LOVED IT, LOVED IT . . . L-O-V-E-D- I-T!!!

God, finally a real conversation between adults . . . on TV! WOW! What a concept! I want more. I hunger for real conversation between two adults and I can’t stand it.

Craig . . . give us more! I’m hungry!

[ # 386165 ] Comment from JOHN B [February 24, 2010, 3:27 pm]

Wow!—I did not see this til now. I really liked it, and feel he needs to do this more often. It brought be back to the “old days” of talk shows, like Dick Cavett–lol, I’m really dating myself there. The guests are really there to talk, not to “show off” themselves to an audience. Good Job!

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