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[ # ] Dick Wolf takes on Hate Crimes
September 4th, 2018 under Dick Wolf

NBC announced today that they picked up a new Law & Order show from Dick Wolf and it is about hate crimes in NYC. In the last few years, hate crimes are up all over America. While New York City is a melting pot, it is not immune from it.

No matter which way you look in the city, you will see someone who does not look or act like you. You would think that would bring strangers together. But ever since a NYer took office, strangers are further apart. Causing hate crimes to be on the rise. This will be their stories.

Normally, I would welcome this show with open arms. But due to my hometown being mentioned on his new CBS show FBI in a way that is a slap on real hate crime attempts there, I cannot watch this show. I do not trust him to fictionalize real cases without hurting people who are involved with the real case. Since I do not want to spoil FBI, all I will say is they created a fictional scenario that really is a slap to my hometown’s face. I am still pissed and I saw that episode over a month ago. That is how wrong it was to me and I am sure it will be to the residents of Riverdale, NY when they see it.


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