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[ # ] Diane Keaton and her amazing list of men!
December 14th, 2011 under Ellen DeGeneres

Diane Keaton is one of the best actresses out there and she has also dated men who are equally as brilliant. The Oscar winning actress’ black book contains the names of other Oscar winners like Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino to name a few. But there is one that she kisses and tells about to Ellen DeGeneres that didn’t ask her out and that is Jack Nicholson. She said that he was such a lovely kisser that she would forgot her lines, so she would have to redo that scene time and time and time and time again. Tough job, but someone has to suffer for their art.
She tells Ellen there is one that got away and she regrets it. That man is the late Steve Jobs. She tells how she went over to his apartment in the late ’70s and he kept talking about this the computer thing and how everyone is going to have one in their homes. She thought that he was nuts for thinking such a thing back then. Now the gorgeous and talented 65 year old admits she was an idiot for thinking that because her memoir Then Again was written on one of those crazy computer thingys he was talking about back then.
Not only does Keaton have an amazing list of movies to her credits, she also has a great list of men to her credit too! You go Annie Hall!


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