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[ # ] Deaf U brings awareness to Deaf and hard of hearing people in a captivating way
October 10th, 2020 under Netflix

Deaf U, the Netflix docuseries that is streaming now, is a no holds barred look at some of the students who go to Gallaudet University, a private college in DC for people with hearing impairments. They are just like college students all over the world, except they are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Just like any college, there are clicks. At Gallaudet, there are the elitists. They are people whose parents were deaf and sent their children to Deaf schools. When they sign, they just use their hands and not their mouths. They think they are better than those who went to schools with people who can hear. If you were not taught ASL from day one, then you are not as good as them.

They also do not believe in hearing aids. Using one is a shameful thing. Dalton Taylor flushed his down the toilet after some of the kids made fun of him for wearing one. They also look down on people who have some hearing. Just because there are clicks, they still hang out and date the non-elites.

No matter what class of student they are, the gossip spreads like wildfire. One of the students says all they do is talk crap about each other. They are worse than people who can hear.

For example, Daequan Taylor and Alexa Paulay-Simmons used to date, but they broke after she aborted their baby. She has moved on and is dating someone new. Although, she still has feelings for her old lover. He wants to know how much.

Cheyenna Clearbrook is an online influencer, but she is not part of the elite. Her friend tells her that the Deaf community is small. They will destroy her unless she does what they want and stops catering to people who can hear. She doesn’t care, but it does bother her that they won’t accept her.

Renate Rose has dated men, but she also likes girls. She has a girlfriend, and her lover is going to help her through some tough times. The method is something I am going to try out.

The show also follows them as they drink, party, date, and struggle to find out who they are and who they want to be. This is what most normal college students do.

Each episode moves so quickly. You will be amazed that you binged to the first season in one sitting. Then when they drive off into the sunset, you are left wanting more.

The biggest takeaway from Deaf U is this series normalizes Deaf and hard of hearing people. Something that has been a long time coming. I am glad that the time has finally come.

Thank you to Executive Producer Nyle DiMarco, who won Dancing with the Stars, for bringing awareness to the Deaf and hard of hearing community with this show. Also, thanks to Netflix for streaming it. I am happy that they are using their service for spreading awareness.


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