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[ # ] Dawn Wells spills the coconut creme pie on Gilligan’s Island
May 29th, 2020 under 60s

So sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale. In 1964, seven people went on a three-hour tour, and we are still talking about them today. Of course, I am talking about Gilligan’s Island. And Dawn Wells, who played MaryAnn, is talking about it to Studio 10’s Craig Bennett.

The actress revealed secrets to him about her fellow castaways. She says that Bob Denver was a shy man, unlike Gilligan. However, he was funny like his character. Alan Hale, Jr. loved playing the Skipper up until his death in 1990. Jim Backus was just as cheap as Thurston Howell. While Natalie Schaffer was as proper as Mrs. Howell. When it comes to who she thinks MaryAnn would have had an island fever with, both her and her character had a thing for the Professor, Russell Johnson.

Although, he was never going to see her bellybutton. Back then, they were not allowed to show the whole thing. A half-moon was OK, but not a full circle. She says cleavage was also a no-no. Imagine what would have happened if Raquel Welch had landed the role of the sweet girl next door?

One thing, most girls next door know how to do is cook, and Wells showed us to bake a coconut creme pie. How yummy does it look? I told my friend to make it bake it for me because I don’t do that.


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