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[ # ] David Hasselhoff not allowed to see his kids
May 7th, 2007 under David Hasselhoff/Baywatch

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has suspened David Hasselhoff's visitation rights to see his kids over the tape his daughter filmed according to TMZ. A Judge is evaluating the tape right now and will make a decision on May 21st when Hasselhoff will be allowed to see his kids again. 

The Judge also ordered that Pamela Bach and the kids go to see psychologist before the May 21st hearing that will also help in the decision of his longterm visitation rights.

Hasselhoff has said the stress of not seeing his kids is what drove him to drink again, I wonder if the Judge's decision will only make him drink more. I hope it doesn't and he gets the help he needs because that videotape was hard to watch and I am not a fan of his. 


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