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[ # ] Dave Annable found out he is not a Dorian Gray
July 31st, 2020 under Dave and Odette Annable

Dave Annable/Instagram

Back when Dave Annable was on the hit show Brothers and Sisters in the late 2000’s, he did a sexy pose to promote the drama in a photoshoot. As a gift, he was given a life-sized version of the photo.

After over a decade, he still has that picture. The other day when he was cleaning out his house, he found it. The actor decided to recreate that pose. As you can see he was successful.

There was only one problem. the 40-year-old said, “#oldmanalert #took4minutestogetupoutofthisposition.”

While Dorian Gray was able to stay young forever because of his painting, Annable was not. What Gray never found out and Annable did, is that you get better with age. I think Annable looks sexier now than he did then.


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