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Are Dave and Odette Annable getting into porn?
May 18th, 2021 under Dave and Odette Annable. [ Comments: none ]

Dave Annable shared a photo of him and his wife in bed surrounded by a film crew. Then, he captioned the photo with, “When one ovation just isn’t enough for me…”

So are the couple who been married for 10 years getting into porn? Nope, but they are living out a fantasy on camera. That is because the two of them are starring in Fox’s sequel to Fantasy Island. Now I am more excited for the show that debuts in August. Not as excited as Dave, but close.


Dave Annable’s DIY fail
January 25th, 2021 under Dave and Odette Annable. [ Comments: none ]

Dave Annable and his wife, Odette Annable, recently moved to Austin, and they have been renovating their new house. Over the weekend, they decided to paint one of their rooms a really dark grey.

Since painting it the traditional way with brushes didn’t work out as they wanted, they bought a paint sprayer. At first, it was working out great for the actor. However, within a few seconds, things turned ugly. Not for the room, but his skin. I think he got more paint on himself than the walls. Something you can see from the photo.

Hopefully, the room turns out better than his paint job. Good thing he acting to fall back on.

The day was not a complete bust for him. His wife said something that made his frown turn upside down. To see what it is, then click here!


Odette Annable gives a glimpse of her family life
December 1st, 2020 under Dave and Odette Annable. [ Comments: none ]

While most celebrities show us their perfect lives at home, the Annables are not like those other couples.

Today, Odette Annable shared a photo her husband, Dave, took of his wife sitting on the toilet as their daughter watches. Thankfully for their marriage, she is the one who posted this picture. If he did it, then I think their days would be numbered.

The moral of this story, celebrities are just like us. Peeing in peace is a thing of the past once you get married and have kids.


Dave and Odette Annable are back together!
August 4th, 2020 under Dave and Odette Annable. [ Comments: none ]

Dave Annable/Instagram

One of my favorite celebrity couples is Dave and Odette Annable. However, they broke my heart, when their hearts were broken. As in, they announced they split up in October 2019.

They might not have spent their ninth anniversary together, but it looks they will be celebrating their 10th one together. That is because the reunited couple posted the above kissing photo and said, “2020. It ain’t all bad news. #TheAnnables 🖤” No, it isn’t.

Maybe there is hope for 2020 if they can find love again.


Dave Annable found out he is not a Dorian Gray
July 31st, 2020 under Dave and Odette Annable. [ Comments: none ]

Dave Annable/Instagram

Back when Dave Annable was on the hit show Brothers and Sisters in the late 2000’s, he did a sexy pose to promote the drama in a photoshoot. As a gift, he was given a life-sized version of the photo.

After over a decade, he still has that picture. The other day when he was cleaning out his house, he found it. The actor decided to recreate that pose. As you can see he was successful.

There was only one problem. the 40-year-old said, “#oldmanalert #took4minutestogetupoutofthisposition.”

While Dorian Gray was able to stay young forever because of his painting, Annable was not. What Gray never found out and Annable did, is that you get better with age. I think Annable looks sexier now than he did then.


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